What is Flat Embroidery?

Direct embroidered logos to the product without any additional backing or padding.

How does it work?

Your logo will be digitized to suit running on headwear, and then plotted across the cap or beanie before being embroidered directly to the product.  In almost all cases,  backing paper will be used to hold the design straight, and where small details are needed in designs, there are alternative methods to achieve clean crisp designs.

What are the limitations?

Lettering/Text or other fine details in logos must be no smaller than 5mm.  Any smaller than this and the clarity will be affected.  On knitted products it may be necessary to use an infill backing stitch which will match the product colour, to hold the detail of the design.

Branding area.

CAPS – 125mm width x 65mm height

BEANIES – 125mm width x 65mm height

GLOVES – 50mm width x 50mm height