Using the latest Laser Bridge technology we are also able to offer custom laser etched badges across our complete headwear range. 

Laser etched badges are available using a Tan PU fabric that is then laser cut to whatever shape you desire, these can then be laser etched in the same way as the direct cap etching, leaving a darker finish to the badge.  These badges can be applied to all of our headwear range including beanies.  


The process is near identical to that of the directly etched caps, but you have the ability to choose the shape of the PU badge, be it circular, square or an outline of your chosen design.  In any case, the design will be converted to work on the Laser Bridge.

The laser will initially plot the logo across a larger pre-cut sheet of the fabric, and then a stitched border will be placed onto the fabric and cap/hat to hold it in place, before laser etching the design and then finally laser cutting using a higher strength setting to cut the badge shape.


There aren’t many limitations, the main thing to take into account is the amount of detail in the logo, as large areas of intense detail will cause the laser to burn through the PU.  Another thing to note is small text less than 3mm in height won’t be readable.  Other than that almost anything is achievable with Laser Branded PU badges

Branding areas vary depending on Caps or Beanies.

CAPS – MAX 50mm width  x 50mm height.

BEANIES – MAX 120mm width x 60mm height (subject to beanie)

GLOVES – MAX 40mm width x 40mm height.


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